Quick, Change Artist


This is my infrequent post about what’s been said and written before.

If we are doing things right, we change. It usually happens incrementally and may pass unnoticed. At times, we also change in precipitous upheavals.

Our opinions, our underwear, our hair, and our viewpoint.

Those of us who share what we’re thinking run a much greater risk of what we’ve said being used to bludgeon us later – even if we no longer believe what we once did. In some cases, we never believed it.

Thinking out loud is impermanent; writing out loud leaves a traceable mark.

Even when we’re being authentic and unafraid of scrutiny, what we say and write is routinely perverted into its opposite.

I’m a moving target. It’s not because I’m being obtuse or evasive. Okay, obtuse maybe.

I learn new things. I change, adapt, and surprise myself. One thing that doesn’t surprise me is my ignorance because it is the default state for humans. We’re blank slates. We learn. We unlearn. What we continue to believe is a choice of action or inaction.

If we’re lucky.

I’ve been wrong a lot in my life. It will happen again. I’ll change my mind.

What once seemed so damned obvious is now clouded and obscure. Things I ‘knew’ as right now seem ludicrous. This process won’t change, not if I’m lucky.

If that bothers you or disarms your ability to point accusingly at me, I’ll buy you an ice cream cone. You can either enjoy it or put it on top of my head. It’s your choice – just as it’s your choice to embrace the fluid nature of what we know, believe, and put into practice.



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