An Affirmation

I love affirmations and pithy insights. And quotes. And also the entire range of humor, even the kind that makes decent people cringe.

The picture is of my sister Carolyn, the one my Dad and the world hid from me for about 46 years. She loves affirmations. I don’t hit ‘like’ on all the ones that resonate with me, but I read them. I do the same for other social media friends who post them to remind themselves that so much of what is essential to us is invisible.

I chose three affirmations that I read on her social media. 3 out of 1,000. 🙂

You never know when a clever affirmation might ring a gong in your head. You’re a new person each day and insights often stay in plain sight until we’re ready to accept them.

Love, X

PS I didn’t tag my sister Carolyn in the post. The universe will ensure she sees it. That’s optimism in action.

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