Optimism Disguised As A Pizza

Watching the sun inch down, I found myself asking Alexa, “What’s the score for the Razorback football game?” I NEVER do that. Being around hard-core fans somehow has made me hopeful for them. This stupid epidemic has stripped a lot away from people. Is it too much to ask for the team to shock Texas and win? Probably. But I’m hoping. I told a fan today that I predict that Arkansas will win.

Because one of my neighbors is a huge fan – and because I was feeling especially grateful to just be alive and optimistic about anything, I decided to surprise the family with a couple of anonymous pizzas as a gift.

When the driver knocked and explained that a neighbor bought them pizza, the woman’s face shifted from absolute confusion to delight.

I took that glimpse of delight and pocketed it inside my heart. It’s not about me giving something, it’s about the surprise.

PS Dominos was supposed to take all the information off the box. They accidentally left my phone number on it. The person getting the pizzas called. The anonymous part was ruined but the feeling of giving a surprise remains.

I’ll gladly accept. Things often go awry. It’s no reason to keep trying.

Love, X

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