A Word About Mental Health

I started counseling again – with the same counselor who helped me so much earlier this year. It’s an untimely coincidence that today marks one year since my brother Mike died – and a couple of days from a year ago when the gong went off in my head that I had to transform my life before it was too late. It was a big enough surprise for her to see me at my weight, and several others when I recounted the usual “what’s been going on.” I led with the punchline of revealing my abdominal scar, now free of staples, tape, or other camouflage. Then, divorce, anxiety, and struggles that don’t seem so mountainous after hearing them out loud.

Despite it being counseling, I can’t tell you how many times we both laughed. She’ll still bill me though, so she gets the last laugh on this one. Her office is less than two minutes away.

October is Mental Health Month; however, a lot of people can’t afford help, or worse, think that care is a stigma. It’s better to be alive and thriving than worrying about the perception of keeping your body and mind from distractions. There are so many things that are a blessing in life. Counseling is one of them.

Love, X

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