Another Wallet

I walked a few times today. Though the sun beat down on me for the third walk, it was a beautiful day. Work is speeding toward me. Walking along a side street not far from the trail and Gregg, I saw what I knew to be someone’s wallet. This was one of the slim-design ones, with a narrow band to contain cards along both sides. Because of the volume of people passing through, I knew that the wallet had recently been dropped, most likely out of a cyclist’s pocket. This is the third wallet I’ve found this year. In both of the previous cases, I had to investigate their whereabouts on the internet. Both owners were very pleased that I’d found them.

Today’s wallet had a bit of cash, a driver’s license, as well as the person’s social security card, and two credit cards. Luckily for me (and for the owner), an internal slot had a couple of business cards. I called the number on the business card because the last name emblazoned on it matched the driver’s license surname.

When he answered, I said, “This isn’t a car warranty call! Do NOT hang up.”

“Okay,” he said. “Good pitch. What are you selling?” He was half-laughing.

“Car warranties,” I said, and laughed. “But no, really, if you’ll describe your wallet, I’ll tell you.”

He was silent for a couple of seconds. “Thank god. You found it?”

“Yes,” I think so. He described the wallet perfectly. Just to be funny, I said, “One last question: why do you have a punch card for Chuck E. Cheese in your wallet?”

“What? I don’t think so.” He was perplexed. I felt a flash of guilt for amusing myself, even as I laughed again.

“Where did you find it?” he asked.

“Over near Poplar and the trail. I assumed you lost it while riding your bicycle over here?”

“No, I think I left my wallet and drink on the toolbox of my truck and drove around with it. I can’t believe it fell there!” He laughed. “I don’t ride a bike. I’d crush the rims.”

We both laughed.

“If you can meet me right now, I’m going to walk past the Pack Rat Outdoor Center in a few minutes. Is that okay?”

“Yes, of course, thank you.”

A few minutes later, I stood in the parking lot of the store and watched the pond in front of the beautiful building. It’s a serene corner to observe.

He pulled in. I walked up to the vehicle and reached in and shook his hand as he thanked me. We exchanged a few pleasantries and jokes.

“You can get a bicycle you know. Go to Lewis And Clark and ask for a deal for a beginner.”

He smiled. “I just might. What can I give you as a reward?”

“Reward? No. Just pay it forward and that’s cool.”

“Do you want a ride to your house?” he asked me.

“Nah, that’s why I don’t need a bike. I walk a lot.”

“I’m glad you do,” he said. “Otherwise, I would have lost the money, the credit cards, and probably my identity.”

His name is Dan.

I’m going to take another walk now and enjoy the darkening, cloudy night. I hope it is as exquisite as last night’s stroll. \

And I hope you’re warm and loved wherever you are. If I find your wallet and call, don’t be alarmed by my car warranty joke.

Love, X

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