Pizza Math And More

Pizza Math And More

A 16″ pizza is equal to four 8″ pizzas.

“Math was easy until the damned letters got involved.”

This is one of the few instances when math helps you to see the obvious.
Don’t let the formula fool you with round pizzas.
A = π r²
A = area
π = 3.14
r = the radius, or 1/2 the circular size

The area of a pizza is easy to calculate. If the pizza is 18″, the radius is 9″.
9 x 9 X 3.14, or 254 inches of pizza.

An 8″ pizza is 3.14 X 4², or 50 inches of pizza.
A 10″ pizza is 3.14 X 5², or 78 inches of pizza.
A 12″ pizza is 3.14 X 6², or 113 inches of pizza.
A 14″ pizza is 3.14 X 7², or 154 inches of pizza.
A 16″ pizza is 3.14 X 8², or 201 inches of pizza.
An 18″ pizza is 3.14 X 9², or 254 inches of pizza.

If you buy rectangular pizza, it is of course, easier to calculate.
A = Length X Width

If you buy a triangular pizza, you’re high. Go sit down.

It is amazing how often people think a 16″ pizza is twice as much pizza as two 8″ pizzas. It’s not: it’s FOUR times as much. An 18″ pizza is FIVE times as much pizza as one 8″ pizza.

If you’re looking for maximum “fill,” don’t forget to take into account whether the pizza is thick, thin, or regular. You might as well get the best bang for your buck. One “normal” slice of pizza is on average 1/8 of your total caloric need for the day. That can be depressing, but don’t dwell on it. It’s okay to be a glutton once and a while, especially with pizza. Never trust a man who dislikes pizza.

*I catch myself making the same sort of mistake at the grocery store. Luckily, most shelves have the “price per oz” marked.

*There’s a link below for a website that has saved students and adults alike a million hours of math anxiety: Wolfram|Alpha.

*If you want to know how to type special characters on a windows keyboard, there’s another link below.

PS: For early morning, I ate a light greek yogurt, fiber, vitamins, two cups of coffee, and a protein drink. For lunch, I ate a baked buffalo chicken breast (I cooked 6 lbs, all different flavors), a cup of light cottage cheese, a V-8, and a chocolate pudding cup. I don’t count calories myself, but it’s about 500 and a LOT of food. More importantly, I consumed about 90 grams of protein. I’m not accustomed yet to thinking ‘protein.’ I FEEL like I ate a large pizza.


. For special characters such as an upraised 2, the pi symbol, an ‘e’ with an accent, etc For a million shortcuts to do math.

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