X’s Expanded Rule(s) Of Inevitability

One I previously posted (and gets shared a lot): “On a long enough timeline, you’re gonna be an asshole.”

Yes, even you, even if you don’t believe it and no matter what you intended.

Corollary: “On a long enough timeline, you’re gonna completely contradict yourself and everything you said you believe in.”

Corollary Observation: “The more judgmental you are about someone else doing it, the more likely your contradiction will eclipse their apparent misstep by a country mile.”

When you get older, you witness these coming to fruition both in your life and in the lives of the people most critical of you.

You’d think we would learn to stifle the urge to condemn, judge, or criticize.

We usually don’t.

The smugness of our humanity is that we often believe that WE will never say, do, or think some things that we judge others for.

The truth? We haven’t had a long enough timeline for it to slap us in the face.

Life is eventual and cyclical and preys on all of us.

Instead of asking, “WTF were they thinking?” perhaps we should inquire, “WTF was I thinking?”

Because it is still true that we judge others for their actions and ourselves for our intentions. It’s why I grappled with living with the consequences of my intentions. Though they were initially benign, it was like opening a mysterious big box of spiders out of curiosity. Before long, you find yourself covered in spiders. You react uncontrollably, in slow motion to yourself and in hyperdrive to observers, and you cannot extricate yourself.

There is no do-over button, no mulligan for salvation, and no life eraser.

It’s hard enough when you flub something; it’s that much harder when other people haven’t learned that it will be their turn in the barrel one day.

I will sit and watch the next person pick up the box of spiders. And because they are human, observe them mimic my missteps.

I’ll remind myself that they are on their own timeline and bite my tongue in recognition of my urge to forget that we are all sometimes covered in spiders.

Love, X

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