An Obvious Truth

An Obvious Truth…
Looking back on the trajectory of your life, personal or work, you’ll notice that things that drive you bonkers tend to continue being bonkers. The Serenity Prayer is applicable to your situation. Acceptance – Courage to Change – Wisdom. The ideal method juxtaposes the first two components: change YOUR attitude or put in the work to positively change what drives you bonkers. The wisdom portion sits at your feet when you realize that these are the only options to be happier. The world and the things you don’t like will continue on as they always have. Take the time to practice your mindset or put on your work boots and make changes happen. All of us get stuck in the complaining or dissatisfied mode needlessly. We have the erroneous and frustrating idea of what-things-should-be. The rain doesn’t care if you’re wet and the world is entirely comprised of your perception of it. How do I know? Because there are happy people who remain happy even in chaos. It is their mindset, entirely under their control, that shapes it. Not the other way around.Love, X

Love, X

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